Very High Speed DSL the fastest form of ADSL. VDSL can achieve speeds of up to 50Mbps download, & 10Mbps upload. So it’s approx. 5 x faster for downloads, and 12 times faster for uploads than ADSL2+ (ADSL or ADSL2+ is limited to about 15mbit download, & a minimal 800k upload speed).

  • VOIP Services – Cloud based phone system
  • Video Conferencing – Conference in full High Definition with no interuptions & with no disruptions to others on the network
  • Send & receive large files outside the organization without slowing down the network.
  • Create online backups from your work to our data center utilising the fast upload speeds

VDSL Monthly Costs

VDSL Plans
VDSL Base Fee On top of existing phone line rental. Business / Personal $80.00
Naked VDSL If you DON’T want your VDSL service with a phone line $95.00
Data Plans
Unlimited Data
VDSL Features
IP Address Static Ip Address
Help Desk 24/7
VDSL Installation VDSL installation, including connection and wiring for all customers FREE
Managed VDSL Router
Managed Router  Managed Router (where we maintain it, own the hardware, and perform any configuration changes you require remotely (Such as VPN and firewall setup,
maintenance and configuration)
Zyxel VMG8324 Pre-configured and managed Zyxel VMG8324 ADSL / VDSL / UFB router with any connection $20.00/mth
Juniper SRX110 pre-configured and managed Juniper 110 router $60.00/mth
Ubiquity wifi (Unifi- Professional Model (5Ghz)) – managed, for use with Juniper $20.00/mth
VDSL Cancellation Fee All VDSL services have a 12-month contract. Early termination is… $195.00

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